Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tool 3

Just set up a Dropbox account! Love it! I can now easily access the same information on my tablet, home computer, work laptop, student laptops, and i-pad. This will make it easier for me to work from home! I really love knowing that I can find safe, kid-friendly videos on teachertube, schooltube and kidstube.  My kids also love discovery education.  I like how you can show clips, rather than watching the whole movie.


I know that I need to use copyrighted material for educational use only.

Tool 5

I really liked  I think this would be great for kindergarten because it has a lot of book already laid out and the children just have to fill in things to make it their own.  It also gives the students an option to start from scratch.  Our students would love to publish their writer's workshop books here.  It also gives you an option to buy an e-copy and a hard copy of the book you created, which I am sure parents would want.

I love bookr.  I think it is much easier for  kindergarteners to use than  I think I will use this when we study mammals.  I know the children would love to publish a book on bookr and I could share it on my blog.  The only problem with bookr is in order to find the pictures, you must spell correctly when typing in the tags.  Since many kindergarteners spell based on sound, this would be an issue for them.

Tool 4

I sent my teammates a spreadsheet asking them to comment about memory books.  Using Google Docs will help my teammates and me share documents quickly and easily. I love using Google Forms for quick surveys.  It is great to use in group situations, where everyone can see all the responses, like at faculty meetings.  I could send this to my parents asking them to bring various items for class parties, and the other parents could see what items have been taken.  I could survey my class to have them pick a favorite character in a book or, since its time stamped, have them race against each other to answer a math fact.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tool 2

I signed up for Google Reader and am now following three blogs. Google Reader allows all the new feeds from the blogs to come straight to me. I am excited to have all of the new information in my PLN, rather than going out and searching for it. When viewing the blogs of others, I did not found many comments that were helpful. The comments usually reiterated the bloggers points. I found two great blogs on The Daily Five, which I highly recommend visiting.