Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tool 9

1.  Children love using technology, which is why it is so important to tie technology to the objective.  Technology should not be used as play time, but as learning time.

2.  Students absolutely need to be held accountable for time using technology.  Using technology for assignments is no different than doing paper and pencil tasks.

3. I love Its got great math games for kindergarteners.  I could easily rotate this into my math stations.   I also like, as it covers a wide variety of subjects.  This website would be beneficial for the students to use in both literacy and math stations.  One way to hold them accountable is to have the students take a screen shot of what they have completed using the ipad.

4.Some of the apps I liked are:
ABC Tracing lite - It allows  the students to trace letters, using proper letter formation.
Cute Math - the children solve math problems, working on concepts, like addition and subtraction.
Again I would rotate these through math/literacy stations and have them take a screen shot at the end to make sure they completed it correctly.  I would also have them check with a partner.
5. The students could make videos of themselves reading a book, take pictures of work, & use apps in stations.

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